Don’t Forget to Breathe . . .


Happy Hump Day, Yeah Baby!

This is pret’ near Christmas Week, isn’t it!?  Now, I know some who do not celebrate it … I probably won’t this year … but so be it!  Keep the reason for the season in your heart – LOVE!

Especially during the festivities, we need to keep a close watch on each other.  I was just thinking how difficult it must be to celebrate (or NOT) a traditional holy day like Christmas … without family!?  Well, if you’ve got a few friends – near or far – they are often like family!  This is my testimony today.  Oftentimes, also during these “holy days”, we scurry around so much, “runnin’ in circles”, that we forget to breathe …  I know, I know … NOT YOU, of course!  “You” always breathe.  I often said the same thing until after a few tense incidents, I actually checked “myself” … not the “other person” … but MYSELF!!  I wasn’t breathing fully.  My lungs were NOT filling up with air … It was almost like I was suffocating myself with short and rapid breaths.  My mind wasn’t functioning as clearly as when I breathe deeply …  So, I stopped (as I do regularly now) and took a deep breath …  “Ahhhh ….”, I whispered as I let the air out slowly!  Yogi practitioners know this … breathe … deep breaths … then let each one out slowly!  One can feel (at least, I can!) the clarity of thought, the ease of temperament, the depth of focus.  Don’t be runnin’ around taking short breaths, panting as if you are some rabid animal!  You are a beautiful soul and a wonderful spirit inhabiting this vessel called “the body”!

These past few days, my body has been calling for me to do some stretching at least.  The discomfort that I feel in my hips sometimes”freezes” my thought process so that I don’t want to stretch since it “hurts” a bit.  Well, these past few nights, I did “bed yoga”!!  Never heard of it?!?  Me either!!  Yet, I went into my “reclining pigeon” pose while laying on the bed and reached for each big toe on the foot of the extended leg as I stretched my upper body and head to reach upwards!  It felt good.  Now, it was sore when I first put my legs in that “4” shape and pressed the left ankle on top of my right knee … and vice versa.  So, I breathed deeply … and held the position for as long as I could.  Finally, feeling under control again, I went into the shoulder stand … yep, still on this queen-sized soft as cotton mattress … and stayed there for a few moments … like 30 seconds.  I still do a lot of walking, and, it causes my back to feel some tension and the hip muscles get all tight.  A couple of days ago, there was a young lady from the state of Washington who was in the “cabin” next to me.  We got to chatting, she explained that she was a trained sports massage therapist … and gave my hips a once over!!  They feel much better since then, but I have to keep them moving since due to the degenerative nature of the arthritis, my range of motion in the hips decreases.  I recall, being the last of the children born in our family, that I had a calcium deficiency when I was born … my bones didn’t get hard as they should have in an infant.  I took calcium tablets administered by “Mother Mary” for the first few years of my infancy!  I have been speculating that this, too, might be a cause of the “degenerative osteoarthritis” that the orthopedic surgeon says I have!  I have a good friend from college, Doc Hepler out of PA, who suggested that I take caution before getting a replacement(s).  Then there is this chiropractor from Ft. Lauderdale that I used to meet up with at LA Fitness to chat about “hip replacements”, and he swears by them!  What to do … when the time comes?!  Meanwhile, I stretch and breathe … deeply.

At this time I wanted to give a shout out to a couple of special people who got me terribly interested in yoga and “knowing myself” as well as my body!  Lydia Richardson was one of, if not, my first pilates yoga teacher!  We worked out in Pembroke Pines, FL at the “24 Hour Fitness Shaq”.  Lydia is now an “Orange Theory” specialist, and in my opinion, is a symbol of excellence as she continues to teach spin and yoga at various locations in South Florida.  Thanks, Lydia for your leadership and guidance.  Also, a gent, Jean Marc Rousseau from France, was another yoga instructor whom I give a lot of credit for instilling “the stillness of mind” that I needed when I was an early practitioner.  He continues to teach yoga and grow his beautiful family.  Also, if you are in the area of Portugal in early May … or in Cahuita’s Playa Negra, Amber Jager from Holland of “Alma Yoga” and Christen Scott and her husband, Preston, with the “Power Yoga Tribe” out of Juno Beach, FL, respectively, are holding “retreats” that may be very well worth your time, energy and research … plus money!  Visit: to learn more about Amber Jager’s retreat in Portugal.  As well, if interested (or if you know someone) in a retreat in Costa Rica, visit: to find out more about Christen and Preston’s yoga retreat there!

“Don’t forget to breathe!”


John I. Cook, Director


So Be It!


Happy Friday, All!

I think that there are several “T.G.I.F.’s” out here today!  Well here’s mine! TGIF!!

Just yesterday, I had gotten caught up just a bit in “some stuff” … you know … like, “Wt@”!  But I do less worrying nowadays but I did have to tell myself, “What are you thinking about that for?!?”  While I always try to learn a bit more about myself, especially in my interactions with others, I do realize that we are NOT all on the same “wave length” … or “frequency”!  Some of us believe in “God” while others believe in themselves, which in my opinion is where the Creator resides … deep inside of each of us.  Yet, it does require some “priming” to get this process flowing!  “Know Thyself” and know thy limitations … for that is where your Creator comes in … should you decide to agree … which you don’t, of course!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman from Amsterdam who is a yoga instructor … with a passion, like most of those that I know, including Christen Scott, Bianca Rangone and Rocki Roland as well as “Ester” each of whom I studied under in Ft. Lauderdale and Pembroke Pines.  I was impressed with “Amber’s” energy level and desire to make her journey one of her own in a genuine sense of the word.  I enjoy meeting people with similar interests because it allows me to “rub up against” them, so to speak, so that I can “tighten up” or hone some of my own characteristics needing “re-alignment”!  In other words, I appreciate the opportunities to meet new people from other cultures and countries so I can learn more about myself, as well as them!

I am on my last weekend here in Cahuita and I haven’t found a suitable place to “live” and have not even touched the idea of “retirement residency” here.  I am sure that it is another “nut to crack”, so to speak!  I am planning on going back to San Jose for a couple of days and then, perhaps, flying to Colombia … Medellin to be exact.  I will take another few looks around here in Cahuita for an apartment or two that I was told about.  Yet, of course, like in so many other things in our lives, if it doesn’t pan out, so be it!

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

Say Whaaaat?!


It’s another Hump Day, Y’all!

One of the things I enjoy doing in my “free time” is going through my knowledge of history and noting where things began to deviate.  I was a teacher in public schools so I had occasion to look up a few facts myself.  In fact, I had done an ISP (Independent Study Project) at St. Paul’s my senior year on “African Empires: Ghana, Mali and Songhai”.  I learned some Swahili words, one of which I chose to name my daughter, “Ayanna”.  I learned some other facts about the prevalence of education and medicine in particular in places in Africa like Egypt.  If you decide that Egypt is not in Africa then “you” are beginning to tell yourself some lies that, once perpetuated, would lead “you” to believe the “body of knowledge” we hold to be true regarding humanity and its development over a long period of time!  I was never too lazy to look up the “true facts” and I never believe what anyone says “hook, line and sinker” … just because they said it.  I look for proof and information for my SELF!

The current president of the United States is a professional at “altering facts”, mainly through his ignorance of the truth.  Yet, America is not the only place where “history” has been altered to fit the needs of the “ruling people” (notice, I didn’t say party) and the paradigm for reality that they choose to set forth!  One book I read at Princeton was “How to Lie With Statistics”.  I read this in conjunction with other books for my senior thesis which was “A Critique of Studies on The Black Family”.  There was an awful lot of information that I plowed through to get this done.  I also learned a lot about how “authors” alter facts to keep the populace brainwashed to believe what they want them to believe and maximize the population’s work output!  I have learned that some of the first educational institutions were founded by Moors … first in Africa (Timbuktu) and later in Spain at the University of Salamanca, one of the oldest “universities” in the world!  We don’t learn that in American History text books, nor Afro-Asian text books nor any other books in public school … unless you know what you are looking for and where to go to find it.  The average teacher doesn’t know either!  Did you know that the “colon” or currency of Costa Rica was named after Italian explorer “Cristobal Colon”?  Did you know that Hippocrates was NOT the founder of “medicine” and the concept of doctors?

I have met some very interesting people here in Costa Rica where the saying is “Pura Vida” and the emphasis is on the “One Love” culture concept.  I feel free … the people here are a blend of all cultures, and people come here from all over the world to experience “pura vida” – fresh (pure) life.  While they have a public school here in Cahuita and a university in San Jose, life flows according to a more natural rhythm.  There are not clocks on every wall in every restaurant or shop.  People are not pushing by each other each day to get to their next activity.  Most take a moment to say hello and/or “pura vida”.  There are darker skinned Costa Ricans in this area called “Limon”.  Yesterday, one woman asked me if I was from Puerto Viejo because I looked like a family she knows!!  Imagine that, as well as her face when I said that I am from New York!  One day, I was chatting with a woman who had authored a book while living on Witherspoon Street in Princeton in an abandoned house with the African American population circa 1976.  Her book had to do with some concepts that are now employed in the medical system to connect patients with doctors and insurance companies.  She has built a house with no walls but natural (trees) foliage serves as the sides of her house!  She is about 70-something, wears no shoes, rides a bicycle everywhere, swims in the Caribbean Sea there once a day or a few times a week … and claims that urine … yes, “pee”, clears up many of our illnesses!!  I am still not sold on soaking my hips in urine!!

In Cahuita, I usually hang around most of the day, checking my e-mails and staying up to date with “what matters to me”.  Otherwise, I take that half hour scenic bus ride to Puerto Viejo to meet up with a few people I have met there, including a few friends that I made at the hostel there in San Jose when I first arrived.  Someone is supposed to be renting an apartment here in Cahuita but I haven’t been able to meet with them yet.  I understand that it is unfurnished and may need a stove!  Not my area of expertise … so I may pass on this one!

“It’s the journey, NOT the destination!”


John I. Cook, Director

“Everything Happens for a Reason . . .”


Happy Friday, All!

So, pardon me while I T.G.I.F.!!  Ahem … Thank you!

How many times have you heard that “everything happens for a reason”?!  I am sure you might tend to agree if you are over say … 15 years of age!  It usually takes a few years before we realize that “the stuff” that we often wanted to do was better left undone!!  It is all part of the maturity process.  Sometimes, even after we have accepted the relevancy of such an anecdote, we still doubt.

I am hanging out in a quaint animal type sanctuary part of Costa Rica.  I am in Cahuita but have had the chance, as suggested by a taxi driver in San Jose who is from Limon – the region where I am staying, to visit Puerto Viejo.  Many of you probably know that there are two sides to Costa Rica – the Pacific side where many of the hard core surfers and “well of” ex-Pats visit and live, and, the Caribbean side, a little more nature-driven with sloths and all kinds of birds and other small animals!  At night, nature’s chorus helps me fall asleep as well as the fresh relatively warm air and the morning sounds of nature with every kind of bird “singing his song” that one can imagine.  There are no high rise hotels on the beach nor lavish restaurants like the ones I saw in Sitges, Catalunya, Spain.  There are no museums and statues across Puerto Viejo … only one or two story restaurants and cabin-style hotels and hostels!  Yet, I find it a place of peace and solace … most people say hello when they see you while other locals are more focused on their “home peeps” rather than travelers.  There are a lot of couples traveling together, backpacks mostly and camping gear – shorts, mosquito repellent, maybe a tent and hiking boots.  The restaurants and shops have small kitchens for making a home-cooked meal of beans and rice and your choice of chicken or fish as well as your favorite healthy smoothie!  One of my favorite smoothie shops though a little expensive is “Puerta Pirata”.  The regular smoothies cost about 4 or 5 dollars while the supreme ones run about $7.00.  My favorite restaurant is called “Gueto Girls”, run by an African Costa Rican, Marie and her daughter.  I ate there yesterday, beans and rice, salad, patacones and a strawberry/”Pipa” (coconut meat)/banana smoothie … all for $7.50!  Yesterday, Marie and her daughter connected me with a woman who has a hostel that she wants to sell … I told them that I was looking for a place to rent!!

After Marie’s daughter had contacted “Joann”, she came by the restaurant and we chatted a bit inside the colorful, wall-less restaurant, with decorations of every kind from carvings of birds to paintings of ocean shore scenery common there in Puerto Viejo.  Joann took me for a ride to a part of Puerto Viejo that I hadn’t seen!  The street was bustling like a Caribbean town might with no street markings for drivers and literally hundreds of people in the street, backpacks loaded up, people seated at a quaint restaurant or a line of folks at the “jerk chicken” stand just across from the beach!  There is everything from reggae music playing to the golden oldie sounds of “Lou Rawls” or “Aretha Franklin”!  There were folks jumping in and out of the water, there were a few yoga village set ups with one woman giving a gent a beach-side massage!  All I know is that the sound of the ocean, the waves, even the wind blowing through the palm trees in this 85 degree Farenheit weather is heavenly.  We met up with a couple, a guy from France and a woman from Czech Republic, who were playing around in the water.  Turns out that they were looking for a jelly fish and other little “blow fish” to add to their huge home aquarium with a selection of orchids that “Jerome” had transplanted from some plants he had found along the side of the beach!  Shucks, Joann even took her fishing net out of the truck, got halfway into the water and caught a couple of jelly fish for Jerome and Marushka!  These folks took turns taking me by the hand to walk across the coral and rock as well as trees and leaves to get as close to the water as possible.  Some waves lapped up onto my calves a couple of times as the waters ebbed and lulled intermittently.

As Joann drove me back to the area of Puerto Viejo where I catch the bus back to Cahuita, she told me of all the complications surrounding renting/selling requirements and how there is no real system.  It is best to hire a lawyer, she said, even for citizenship issues.  I saw a couple of law offices tucked away off the main road but didn’t have a chance nor an interest in speaking with one!  The folks I hung out with also explained that the price of food is going up and there are some shortcomings to a regular “health plan” there in terms of the services you receive.  While there were some places that I could rent, they are mostly cabins with shared kitchens and I would need more time and help to figure it all out!

One more week here and I will probably head back to San Jose for a few days and look to catch a flight to Colombia … Medellin, to be exact!

Have a wonderful Friday and a better weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

“Life Is But A Dream . . .”


Happy Friday, All!

I always like to show my appreciation with a hearty T.G.I.F. …. no matter whom you choose to call your “higher power”!  Some folks do as they like while others follow “Good Orderly Direction” …. hmmm ….

Alicja wrote me back yesterday to let me know that she got the e-mail.  I mean, we met on a bus going to the same town … Puerto Viejo.  While she is staying there, I am staying just a half hour away in Cahuita, which is a little less busy.  She informed me that she appreciated being introduced to you all and “found” what she was looking for on her journey there in Puerto Viejo.  I think I will return there today to check on a few things … maybe even a power smoothie with peanut butter, chocolate, bananas and almond milk.  They have a very cool smoothie shop there with vegan stuff, including food, right there on the beach in Puerto Viejo.  I must return to the National Park here in Cahuita because after I finished lunch at the restaurant there yesterday, I started to walk but the tennis shoes I had on were NOT cooperating with my feet.  Looks like I need to wear “flip flops” there, too!

Last night, the neighbors here had a “Reggae fest” music-a-thon until like 2 or 3 in the morning!!  I had fallen asleep and then was awakened by heavy reggae beats and singing as well as an occasional scream of “Okay!” by the rapper from the states (ATL) named “Little John” which was mixed in to the reggae beats based music.  I mean, it was like a “block party” for the whole tiny “pueblo” of Cahuita!  Later, around 3am, I woke up … no music … but the rain had begun!!  Sometimes, we just have to go with the flow, but “Git ‘er done!”

I am feeling rather spiritual today.  I am in an incredibly natural environment here … no tv in my room … and I am feeling good about it all!  My arthritis still troubles me and I have my wooden cane that I purchased in Valencia, Spain to get me up and down sometimes … and help keep me from falling!!!  When was the last time you all have heard someone say that?!?  Yeah, that’s where I am at … Yet, the journey continues!

Enjoy the Full Moon, the weekend … and the first day of December!  2018, here we come!


John I. Cook, Director

Tranquility Beckons Me . . .

Happy Hump Day, y’all …

The journey moves forward as I have been fortunate enough to make it to Costa Rica, and am on my second leg of the “road” here.  I first arrived in San Jose at the airport which is actually in Alajuela … not San Jose, per se.  I was drilled over and over again about how the airport is not actually in San Jose to explain why the taxi ride from there to “San Jose” is anywhere between $30 – 50 USD … and you can NOT take a bus with your luggage!  There are no trains …

I woke up this morning at 4am to the sounds of the waves which are at least two blocks away from here … just below a slight cliff-like structure obviously caused by nature’s erosion …  In the background, I could also hear two roosters … perhaps three dogs barking back and forth … and then silence again.  The waves continued to roll in and out of the natural bay just down the road from my “cabin”.  I can tell you that I have not experienced anything comparable to this!

The dogs continued doing their “call and answer” barks until some of the sounds of the birds … some sounds that I have never heard before … unique chirps, even, added to the natural cacaphony!  It was still relatively dark out and I am enjoying waking up with no sounds of cars, trucks or buses … just nature.  I am feeling this!  I am in a “cement cabin” with a queen sized bed, a clean well structured bathroom with a shower and toilet, mirror and a sink.  There is a window with two modern wooden fixtures which open inwards and are covered with a dark blue cloth as the window is screened in.  Right outside my window is a hammock hanging … just for me.  Each room, all of which are NOT single like mine, has a hammock directly in front of the room’s window.  Ahhh … nature at it’s finest and simplest level!  I am loving it.

As some of you may remember, the motto to my little entity called Educational Excellence is “know thyself”.  Now here’s the catch, so I am learning.  We will not be young and agile forever … in this state of energy which as the human experience continues causes the vehicle … the vessel … our bodies to age.  While I absolutely enjoyed Barcelona and the Plaza Catulunya, it is not a place that I think would suit me well for a retirement apartment.  I would probably be out in the street each night trying to “be young again”!!  This morning, I feel good … adjusting to the changes that my body is going through as I attempt to find a place to live until I expire, perhaps.  I mean, it is the reality of this journey – it will come to an end in this form.  Don’t get me wrong now ’cause I can still jump on a bus, like I did yesterday, to a more scenic yet “laid back” coastal town of Costa Rica called Puerto Viejo.  Can you say, “Oh my God!” … or OMG will suffice in this case?!?  It is scrumptious with nature, rolling waves, dark sand beaches, trees including palm tress dotting it, thusly the name of the beach is “Playa Negra”.  It’s very clean; there is a hand painted sign, “No bota basura en la playa!”.  Now while it is relatively clean, with just a few plastic bottles and papers visible here and there, the ambiance is way outside of the “box” of a typical tourist destination.  The people here are of all colors and nationalities  –  I met a young lady yesterday from Poland on the bus from Cahuita where my cabin is on the way to Puerto Viejo.  She said that she was staying there for a few days.  After we chatted a bit and I spoke with her about my blog, business and e-mail family, she gave me her card … I didn’t ask.  She wanted to be included in the e-mail family because she is also a writer of spiritual sorts.  Her name is “Alicja”, pronounced like we pronounce “Alicia”.  She is included in this edition, I hope you like it, “Alicja” and thank you!

The bus ride was scenic, to say the least.  Much like the bus ride from San Jose to Cahuita, except the road was even narrower and more dirt.  There are these bridges which can only handle one car width at a time amidst the two way traffic.  The day before yesterday, there was one accident because it was drizzling, or “spitting” as the British say, and the driver apparently lost control and the car slid across the road onto the “soft shoulder” of the oncoming traffic!  We got held up for a few minutes … er uh … maybe a half hour!!

Once in Puerto Viejo yesterday, I just sat down on the side of the beach on a “Tom Sawyer” styled hand made wooden bench pushed up against a tree, since it’s legs were not working so well …  Ahhh, the peace … the serenity of the waves as they lapped up on the dark sand beach!  Some folks were in the water snorkeling, no cost!  Others were working on the bottoms of their small powered boats, cleaning the rust and decay from them, while others put another coat of paint on theirs.  There are no McDonald’s nor Pizza Huts in Puerto Viejo and there is one disco/bar that I saw called “Johnnie’s” sitting right on the beach itself.  It was closed while I was there but I may try to get there Friday evening … it depends on how I feel!  Nothing to prove to anyone, no one to ask or consult.  Things I do now actually depend entirely on how I feel!  My wooden windows are open now and the sounds and sights of nature are just outside.  No tall buildings, no noisy traffic, no whistles blowing … just the sounds of nature.  I think I am going to hang around here for Christmas, perhaps, as I have a made a few contacts and will visit an apartment or two today, maybe a cabin, that may be for rent there.

I will answer the call of my destiny as soon as possible.  For I believe that tranquility beckons me!  Get over the hump!


John I. Cook, Director

Faith and Belief … in Yourself!


Happy Friday, All!

Yes … and as is customary here at E.E., T.G.I.F.!  Hola de San Jose, Costa Rica!

Arriving in San Jose has been a joy for me … I needed to get away again.  I think back to when I got back from Europe and had called the sergeant from the Internal Affairs Division of the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department.  I asked him how the “investigation” into my complaint against the motorcycle officer who tried to force me to sit on the curb on the “4th of July” on Ft. Lauderdale Beach because I responded to something he said as he sped by on his motorcycle in the bicycle lane on the Strip amidst the activity and entertainment there.  He screamed, “Get out of the street!”, to which I replied, “Where are we supposed to go?”, since there were barriers placed on the street to protect people on the sidewalks from the “snail crawl” traffic there on A-1-A during the “4th of July Celebration” there on Ft. Lauderdale Beach.  Do you remember his response?!  When I asked him how the investigation was going, he answered: “Oh, I put that on hold since you were away.  How was your trip?”  I curtly answered, “Great! So what can I expect from this investigation into my complaint of being racially profiled that day on the beach by the motorcycle cop?”  He replied, “Oh, do you have a phone number for your friend who was with you that day?”  (Note the incompetency here!)  I replied, “No, he is an entrepreneur looking to open a French restaurant somewhere … and … uh … why do you need to talk to him?  I filed the complaint?!”  “Yes, I know, it’s just that I like to speak to everyone involved that day.”  I said, “Yeah, sure, but your officer told him to move away from me and not to do or say anything … the white Frenchman … while he ordered me to sit down on the same curb with “4th of July” traffic on it that he had just yelled at me to get out of the street from!!!” … It was then that I realized that the complaint fell on “deaf and dumb ears”!!!  THIS is why I don’t want to spend a f@#$&*g quarter in a country where my rights are not even considered valid and the officers in Ft. Lauderdale’s Police Department behavior goes “unchecked” by their very own Internal Affairs Division!!!  So, I saddled up my stuff and mounted Spirit Airlines for the second leg of my journey in search of a retirement location to live OUTSIDE of the States … Damn shame … Some people don’t want to do their very important jobs and work on their own assignments while I am on vacation!!!

Probably nothing will be done … and someone else of color will be “killed” as soon as one of those “idiots”  with the gun has a bad day!!!  After arriving at the airport in Alajuela and contacting a guy who offered to get me a driver who would charge me ONLY $30.00 from the airport to the hotel instead of the $50.00 that drivers usually try to charge people who have arrived at the airport, I felt a little better!  The hotel/hostel staff was very helpful at getting me settled into this humble area of San Jose, Costa Rica.  I could see the poverty in this town where the saying is “Pura Vida” as the taxi crawled through the traffic in the pot hole ridden streets in some areas lined with homeless people laying on the sidewalks … peace be still …

It was cloudy that day … and it is cloudy today!  It has rained every day that I have been here and is partly cloudy today.  I was able to buy a ticket – $10.00 – for a 4 hour bus trip to Playa Negra in the small Caribbean coastal town know as Cahuita, Costa Rica!  I am in need of a beach … there are none nearby … so … on Monday, I am out!  After meeting a lovely Australian couple who just moved to Bogota for their early retirement and another couple from New Zealand who are the Australian couple’s friends, they invited me to have a “chicken” Thanksgiving dinner with some “modified fixin’s” of a stuffing, small white potatoes, including 2 chickens, lots of beer and Margarita drinks … some chips and chicharrones … bread and green beans!  It was fun … travelers learn how to get along with each other, if “they” don’t already know how!  We talked about everything from the US president to Australia’s president and stories of an aborigines group in Australia whom the British couldn’t and still haven’t “conquered”  in Australia to this day, after each of us said what we are grateful for in our lives!  In case you haven’t experienced it yet, do travel abroad.  It is a great experience.  I personally like to be amongst the local people when I travel rather than in a “5 star hotel” for two reasons.  The first one should be obvious – money!  My trips would be over a lot sooner if I opted for a 5 star hotel everywhere I went!  The second reason should also be obvious – I like to be around the people who live in a town … the locals …. at the parks, the beaches, sometimes, even in the buses!!  I am grateful … very grateful!

So … as far as my previous concerns with prostate cancer, I am over that.  I am using a more holistic approach for healing as the cancer had NOT spread to my bones or tissue.  I drink an herbal tea with ingredients to detoxify the prostate each day … sometimes two times.  I bought the tea in Barcelona at a local street fair and the package was big enough that I have only consumed less than half of the bag.  I am keeping myself calm, avoiding all arguments with people and not getting involved in the “day to day drama” that people like to perform in!  Once I find a “Shangrila” somewhere, I can focus more on improving my diet by cooking more plant based foods.  Nowadays, I will have a falafel “anything” rather than a burger, though I might still eat one every now and then.  I still like a little chicken and fish and am keeping a close eye on myself … while I continue on my journey!

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend … still Thanksgiving Weekend in the USA … with lots of football games (American football) family, friends … and food!

Peace Out!

John I. Cook, Director


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