In The News ….

Happy Friday, All!

Once again, as the doctor ordered, T.G.I.F.!

Seems like whenever we turn on any news station, there is SO much going on … EVERYWHERE …. that I wonder if it has any effect on people in our society. You know, do they want to DO stuff so they can get in the news? Does it sometimes overload our sensory systems with “TMI” – too much information? That is one of the main reasons, not to mention the drama in my own life, that I take some time in a yoga class or meditation just to “get away from it all”. Things like yoga and meditation also give me an opportunity to pay attention to my inner spirit, my physical body, stretch some limbs and muscles that are kept nearly dormant as I go through my workday.

I am looking forward to this weekend since a friend’s wife who works for the University of Miami has gotten tickets for the football game against Duke this Saturday, and, I can NOT remember the last time I saw a live football game, either college level or professional, mainly because I am an avid basketball fan! Did I say “ba-sket-ball”?! Anyway, so I am excited that they invited me. Should be a great game!

Nowadays, it is important for me to take some “down time” or “my time” away from the worries when I can, especially since I know many many others have suffered and still suffer through this thing called life. I have been relatively yet simplisitcally fortunate in comparison to say … the early Native Americans who are celebrating Native American Heritage Month this month, not to mention the Africans who often were side by side here in Florida with the Amerinds struggling against the harshness employed by the colonists of early America.

The following is a quote from a man imprisoned for standing up against the Nazi’s, so, in case you have reason, drop what’s “in the news” for a moment and take some “me time”, if you will.

“Much as I long to be out of here, I don’t believe a single day has been wasted. What will come out of my time here it is too early to say. But something is bound to come out of it.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer (TOUCHSTONES November 4th)

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director


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