Are You Friends with YOURSELF!?

Happy Hump Day, All!

It is as if we all have been here time and time again. Not just Wednesday or “Hump Day”, we have all asked ourselves at one point or another, “Can I still be friends with a person and still be friends with MYSELF?” I usually paraphrase nowadays, though it is often difficult and the decision is all too often tied to something I really need, “Can I be friends with MYSELF and still be friends with this person?” That is the question . . .

Over the years, I have seen words be used as a weapon . . . they have been used to create the illusion of power . . . they have even been used as a narcotic, so to speak, to lull a person into a nearly drugged state of mind rendering them helpless. And then, there are others who misuse words to exemplify the fact that they are incapable of understanding themselves or others … and they don’t care to either!

Top Cop in Miami, Mr. Esposito, has been suspended by the City Manager who said he did NOT follow his directive regarding the termination of some officers. Now, as most things in Miami …. and Arizona and nearly everywhere else on this darned planet …. there are overtones, not undertones, of corruption, deceit, the misuse of power and the abuse of fellow human beings. Why would a guy open fire on a group of National Guards eating in an IHOP in Carson City, Nevada? Then, he turned the AK-47 assault rifle on himself!!! Was he friends with himself? Had he let someone or something upset him so much that he turned to this barbaric behaviour? Apparently, there must be some truth to this.

“Friendship and community are, first of all, inner qualities.” – Henri J. M. Nouwen

Friendship begins as an inward attitude or feeling before it is expressed outwardly. Perhaps we could first notice whom we feel friendly toward. Whom do we admire? Whom do we feel an affinity with? Let that friendliness exist within, and it will begin to express itself. Are we grasping for acceptance or response? Friendship exists as a feeling of admiration, of love, of fellowship, without demand.

Today, I will simply notice my friendly feelings toward others. (TOUCHSTONES September 7th)

As the youth go back to school … or to college …. assist them in learning what a real friend is.


John I. Cook, Director


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