Getting A Grip . . . or Loosening It?!

Happy Friday, All!

What is a Friday like without saying “T.G.I.F.” . . . for me anyway! Join me, will you!?

Is the nation’s credit problems going to continue past August 1st? Can Democrats and Republicans act like “people” instead of political parties to get this thing resolved? A kid dies on a football field in Miramar, FL after a foot-skill drill from the heat. Some kids are mauled by an Alaskan bear on a “survival trip” and one runs, falls and then kicks the bear in the face to make him retreat! Some other kids are having football practice in the Overtown area of Miami, FL and two or three are hit by stray bullets from a drive by shooting …. Is this reality? I am afraid so ….

When we are faced with drama and trauma, which are part of this journey called “life”, our responses vary. More often than not, we feel we have no control over them; yet, we do . . . to some degree. We certainly have control over how we may respond! As July comes to a close, each of us mature a bit more and the year approaches the second half, may we each keep in mind that these “realities” we live in have been mostly created by human kind. So, our stress, discomfort, sads and happies are often dictated by these realities. May we have the courage to step up ourselves and seek that realm of peace and harmony that resides within our souls . . .

“You cannot get it by taking thought; You cannot seek it by not taking thought.” – Zenrin Poem

In the spiritual realms we learn things we didn’t learn anywhere else, and gradually they bring us peace. We can decide with our wills to follow a spiritual direction, to turn our lives and will over to the care of our God. We cannot control what God will do with them . . . . Now it is possible to be released from our own trying, to move beyond our own efforts by falling into the caring hand of God. (TOUCHSTONES, July 27)

May we learn to follow a spiritual path when reality conflicts with our peace . . .

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director


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