Keepin’ Hope Alive

Here’s to hoping that we had an opportunity to share some moments this past Father’s Day Weekend with a special dad or grand dad, in loving memory of a father in our lives, and some quiet time to reflect on what it means to be a father!

I was provided with several opportunities to be a “father figure” this past weekend and I thank my Creator for those moments . . . Saturday, Marie Achille and I met up at the H.E.R.O. office, and, with the help of her brother, Paul, and a parent, we transported a host of kids to the Holy Cross Hospital location in FTL to enjoy a health and youth oriented puppet show. The emcee was a young guy who spoke with puppets as they conversed about healthy foods, healthy activities and repeated the mantra, “Kids can make healthy decisions, too!” They compared eating fruits (grapes) instead of cookies; drinking 9 glasses of water each day; enjoying vegetables like carrots instead of potato chips; doing exercise in or out of the home instead of X-box and tv … and things of this sort. A large group met us at the Auditorium there as well as the group we took. Two of our kids got on stage and enjoyed some moments of audience participation and I was able to get several snapshots of this!

After a short but quiet Saturday night, I awoke Sunday feeling like something was missing. So, I started sending Father’s Day messages to friends as I got ready for service at Calvary Chapel. It was a good thing for me because Dr. Bob Barnes, Director of Sheridan House in Hollywood, FL spoke about “Life’s Passion” and how it relates to each of us. He illustrated with a story about his own father and his passion, which was “Money makes the world go ’round!” and how he developed through college and those years leading up to his getting the position at Sheridan House, which houses wayward boys and girls and helps them get back on their feet. The service was just what I needed to hear! Thanks, sir!

Sunday wasn’t over yet since I got several “Father’s Day” messages, including one from Tashi, my unofficially/informally adopted daughter since living here in South Florida. I also had a visit from a good friend, and a call from Rashida, another good friend’s daughter who invited me over to eat even though I had made a Father’s Day smorgasbord of seafood, fruit and salad for my friend and I to enjoy. So, as my passion pushed me, we jumped on the Night Hawk and headed about 10 minutes West until reaching my friends home and Rashida was surprised to see “Uncle John” as she likes to call me. Trust me, I like it, too . . .

So it was . . . and now I have additional fond memories of another Father’s Day . . . not to forget to mention memories of my own father, Isaac Henry Cook – R.I.P.!

” ‘Wait’ll next year!’ is the favorite cry of baseball fans, football fans, hockey fans, and gardeners.” – Robert Orben

Today, nothing is perfect, but hope underlies everything. With the return of hope, I have my life back again. (TOUCHSTONES, June 20th)

Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence


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