Who’s Your Daddy?!

Happy Hump Day, All!

Yesterday was Flag Day, Sunday is Father’s Day and next Tuesday is the first day of Summer! Celebrating life is one of my favorite activities. I remember when I lived in Cali, Colombia, South America, it seemed that the people there had as many if not more celebrations each year as we had when I taught at White Plains High School! There was always something to celebrate – in both places – and nowadays I have a much better concept of how to celebrate which includes a much more spiritual approach than it used to for me . . . thanks to my Creator and this thing I was given called “life”!

Here in Fort Lauderdale, there is a woman who is best known as “Big Mamma”. Her organization started in the less affluent areas in Fort Lauderdale to bring food, clothes, direction and services to the people in those neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale, which I have visited often myself on both a personal and professional level. Big Mamma is having a “Father’s Day” Drive to bring fathers back into families for Sunday, whether the father is jobless, suffering the effects of incarceration or other socially and personally generated circumstances. She and her organization are giving out food so that there may be a dinner on more tables in those less affluent homes here in Fort Lauderdale. She has done an Easter Basket event, gives out turkeys for Thanksgiving and holds numerous other events to help needy families.

On Saturday, I will be joining forces with my favorite organizer, Marie Achille and H.E.R.O. (www.Hero2Help.org) , as she has organized an event where we have been invited to Holy Cross Hospital who is hosting a “Kid’s Day”, including a puppet show, snacks, face-painting and a variety of other activities aimed at the youth. Since Marie and I worked together for the now defunct A.C.O.R.N., we have continued our friendship, including her own family, and continue to bring the efforts of Educational Excellence into the activities of H.E.R.O. We are planning several activities for the summer as part of H.E.R.O.’s Youth Program. Right now, we have over 150 children signed up for this event hosted by Holy Cross Hospital this Saturday afternoon.

Show some love for the fathers in your lives, whether they be there for you or in other locations . . . as is my Dad, Isaac Henry Cook, R.I.P.!

“A father is a thousand schoolmasters.” – Louis Nizer

I will make peace with my father in my mind, and his strength and that of his father will be a well-spring in my life. (TOUCHSTONES, June 15th)

Peace always,

John I. Cook, Director


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