As usual, so many things going on . . . locally . . . and world-wide! One of my favorite times of year is “summer, summer, summer-time . . . let’s sit back and just unwind!” as the lyrics go to the famous hit first done by “Kool and The Gang” and then re-done by Will Smith! This is true not only because my birthday is next month, but because of the excellent weather in most parts of the world!

It seems that Miami Police are in the news here again after the Memorial Day killing of one man down on South Beach. The Channel 7 newscast here showed the videotapes from several by-standers who were threatened by police at gunpoint to put their cell phones away and stop videotaping their (the police) incessant firing into a car of a suspected shooter! One man could be heard asking the police officer, “What are you doing pointing your gun at me?”, and then was able to remove the video card from the phone and place it under his tongue when the police confiscated his cell phone and smashed it on the ground finally stomping it to destroy any taped evidence! Others there experienced the same treatment.

In Broward County during a bond hearing, a man who last month had brutally beaten his wife in front of a judge in the chambers during the final divorce decree was not released and given over a million dollars in bail after the ex-wife spoke of constant domestic violence even BEFORE they had gotten married. She even presented texts where he promised to emasculate her new boyfriend as soon as he could! I know letting go is hard to do, but this is beyond insanity to me. May he get the help he needs . . .

Finally, last week while at the SunTrust Jazz Brunch in downtown FTL, there at the Performing Arts Center many many people gathered for the graduation of Nova High School! The students looked splendid as they were accompanied by proud parents, friends and family members! All over the country, graduations and proms are in full swing! Show them all some love and support! Josie Lou Ratley, the young girl who was brutally kicked and beaten in Deerfield Beach by an incensed young boy regarding a negative text message, and her mother were in Washington DC last week and her mother stated publicly: “Hey parents, show your children some love before they go off to school by giving them a hug and a kiss and enough attention so they don’t go to school and hurt other people’s children out of anger!” “Stop The Violence”! ‘Nuff said!

May we all graduate to the next level of a peaceful spiritual co-existence as we continue on our journeys here on Earth together!


John I. Cook, Director


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