The Next Episode!

Happy Monday, world!

Here’s to hoping your weekends went well …. Mine was exceptional … yet, I had to take a few steps back and look at myself a little longer. You know when you are feeling well and certain areas of your life are going good, then out of the blue comes a challenge to ones serenity and peace? So it was for me since Wednesday of last week. Yet, I just kept moving forward “in a matter of fact way” and found myself needing to say the Serenity Prayer a few times, keep my mouth shut on two more occasions when people were ranting and yelling and trying to blow my cool.

After a decent Friday night, I woke up early Saturday morning and sang and wore a t-shirt with the letter “L” on it in front of the Main Jail. Why? It was part of the jail’s ministry activity for “Love Out Louder” Day sponsored by Calvary Chapel, FTL. We each had a shirt on with a letter that, when we came together, spelled “Jesus Loves You”, and, accompanied by a guitarist with a small amplifier, we sang songs of praise and worship. Passersby occasionally stopped and some of the people in our group spoke to them about knowing God. We were supposed to go inside the jail but a directive got mis-directed and we had to set up outside. That was fine with me … for various reasons … Many inmates huddled at the windows inside the jail and waved to us … and we waved back!

Sunday was a great day because I had a chance to hang out with some of my married friends and their families both at the Jazz Brunch where Juanita Dixon and a funky band with 3 horns stole the show, and then afterwards at Fort Lauderdale Beach. As I shared some of my “challenges” with a good friend’s wife, she replied: “You know John, when things go smoothly and life seems to be moving forward for you, that’s when more and more obstacles appear to try and throw you off course!” I agreed, and, needed to hear that. This morning I awoke saying the 23 Psalm and the Lord’s Prayer in order to calm my agitated spirit for some of the things that occurred … and … get ready for the next episode!

“What is obvious to me is that we did not create ourselves . . . life is something inside of you. You did not create it. Once you understand that, you are in a spiritual realm.” – Virginia Satir

Have a great day and nourish your spirit.


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
Ps. – I am going to the School Board Office this morning to meet with a woman to see how I may work with her with my “Stop The Violence” Campaign.


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