Things You Gotta Know!

Happy Hump Day, Everyone!

Just yesterday, I was saying to a co-worker, “Is it Wednesday yet?” I have been busting my chops on the phones in the office … and having a fair amount of success, too! Wednesday has arrived!

Now, I got up early for this one because of the latest events, in particular the ones that were mentioned in Monday’s e-mail. Before I go any further, I hope that each of you know that this e-mail family started years ago … maybe four or five. And each of you are part of the collogue of friends I have met and asked if you’d be a part of this for a reason. I continue to ask you that if you want to be removed, just let me know. This family grew from my heart, my soul and my spirit. In essence, it grew from my experiences since I was a child, if you know what I mean. In many ways, I am like the man with the “Golden Voice”, it is just that I have enough umpfff and angels disguised as good friends who have kept me from being homeless. This e-mail set up, the blog, my website and Educational Excellence … even my books are the cardboard signs like the homeless carry on the streets telling you what they need or are willing to do for money. I, too, am offering something and seldom ask for money. Now some of you have been very generous in my times of need, you know who you are, and have helped me in ways that I never thought I’d ever need to be helped.

Okay, back to the latest event that has literally brought tears to my eyes … and I thought I had none left! How can two parents watch their child leave, whom they KNOW is disturbed, especially since when he was kicked out of community college was told by the officials that something was wrong with him, and let this individual run away from them carrying a black bag the morning that Congresswoman Giffords and those innocent people were shot, and not pursue him or call the police? How come they didn’t notice the shrine in their backyard with the skull, candles and marijuana? Why didn’t they try to get help for this boy who was obviously suffering from a depraved mind set? Even one girl in his college class clearly stated that she would NOT be surprised when he appeared on the news broadcasts after having shot someone because she would be waiting at the classroom door ready to run out when he did it! Parents, people … there are certain things you gotta know … especially about someone you brought into this world! And as we say here at Educational Excellence, “Know Thyself”!

So, today … and everyday … as Pres. and Mrs. Obama did … pray for the victims of this despicable event that happened here in the USA … not Iraq, Iran nor Afghanistan! And, uh, if you know any Anderson Coopers, any Zig Ziglars, any Anthony Robbins or Oprah Winfreys, tell them about me and … “hook a gifted spiritual brotha up, y’all!” And if you don’t, just remember that I have asked you to be a part of my e-mail family because each of you are very important to me. I promise you, I will keep building EE until I can’t build anymore. I thank you from the crevices of my heart ….

“I should be content to look at a mountain for what it is and not as a comment on my life.” – David Ignatow

God grant me release from the oppression of my ego. TOUCHSTONES, January 12


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence


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