“Awww, Man … Darn!”

Happy Friday again, y’all!

So let’s do this quick … T.G.I.F!   Okay, there … I said it!  NOW!

Don’t get me started with this “anti-immigrant” discussion, as if the land of the North American continent had NO INHABITANTS when the first European settlers arrived!!  Don’t make me explain that NOBODY with “white skin” is a native inhabitant of ANY of “the Americas” … except for maybe parts of Canada.  So, hopefully, intelligent folks can see the “bait and switch” technique used in sales being applied here!!  So, some people arrive at your “door” one morning to inform you that they are looking for “riches”.  You tell the “visitors” that your lifestyle is different from theirs!  And you continue telling them that there are lots of things that they can “enjoy” other than gold, silver and other riches in this land.  Soon, the people “you” helped decide that they are going to “MOVE INTO” your home and utilize everything you have there … as if it is theirs!  Could this be “the American Dream”?  Can we “do better” than this?!?  You know it, so as Chris Cuomo says on CNN weekday nights, “Let’s Get After It!”

Now, as tyrants and dictators strike fear in the hearts of the people in their domains, some folks in the good ole USA are beginning to realize “the error of their ways”.  It’s funny … NOT … when one realizes these “errors” but continues to reap the benefits of their erroneous way of life!  So, for the sake of “money” – pieces of paper with a promise to honor a debt or payment – we allow them … sorry guys, rich white men … to destroy our planet as they play freakin’ “Monopoly” with the Earth.  Iran is flexing it’s tiny muscles as England shows them clearly that they don’t have the “muscles” to mess with British cargo ships!  Is it crazy enough for you yet?  Wait … we’ve got the “scrumpster” breaking alliances with former Western allies, hoarding money of the taxpayers in this country for “his base’s” egos established on “keeping brown people out of Amerika” … and beginning various “bromances” with Kim and Vladimir … don’t forget the Saudi prince who had an American journalist “buzz sawed” into tiny unrecognizable unlocatable pieces in Turkey!!  Can you say it with me … “I can’t …”!!

Well, at least now we know what the agenda is:  “… destroy the world and its beauty before the “dumb inhabitants” who have been separated by skin color, religion, economic position (man-made) and cultural traits realize that they can “SAVE THEMSELVES”!”  Really?!?  And I guess the rest of “us” should just sit back and enjoy the unreal “reality tv show” that these totalitarian characters have created utilizing basic human fears and insecurities to control us!!  “Enough of No LOVE!” … What the #@*! are we waiting for?!?  For everything to collapse around us … and then us, too?!  “Raise your vibrations, Folks!”  Don’t let the scum have their way with OUR LIVES!  Reach out to each other in peace and love … and harmony won’t hurt either.  Maybe … we can show them the way!

Tomorrow is my 65th Birthday … and … I can’t believe it … I am so Darn grateful to Mom and Dad (RIP) … and My Creator!  I am pushing back tears …  Bye … and have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director


Seek Enlightenment

It’s Friday again, y’all!

Happy Friday to each of youse, and I’m wishing you a stupendous day … T.G.I.F.!

What’s in a celebration?!?  Fun?  Food?  Frolic??!  Fireworks?  Tanks on the ground in the nation’s capitol and warplanes flying overhead?!?  Are you having fun yet?  How about a long “8th grade style” fiery speech preaching the ethics of war and violence … by the president?!?  Still not impressed?!  Is it fun yet?! If not, “you” must be enlightened!  

Our “modern world” has a lot of people in it who think “selfishly”.  Somewhat understandable when most “nations” are led by people who do NOT have the interests of ALL in mind.  They may have their OWN concerns in mind when making decisions … or  … they may have the “ideas” in mind given to them by the people who also gave them MONEY!  So, what rules … ethics or money?!  Can one influence the other?!?  Can we still live our “best lives” for ourselves and our offspring if we place money ahead of say … enlightenment?!?  Do I have your attention yet?  Perhaps, like many, you just don’t give a flying horse’s tail!!  THAT, my fellow spirits, IS the problem.  We have been lulled into “NOT CARING”!  At best, some of us get caught up in “the team we are playing for” or “the country we were born in” … or any other such “feeble” human configurations that we have chosen to call “reality”!  Meanwhile, we are ignoring the FACT that we are ALL human and are ALL interconnected!  I know, I know, that’s a far stretch for “us” selfish, compartmentalized, greedy, insecure human beings!  How could “I” be wrong?!?  THAT, too, is the problem … right vs. wrong rather than … being enlightened in ALL of our life’s decisions.  How hard is that?  I mean, I have folks try to tell ME when I am happy or what “I need to do”, or describe how they think that I am living or doing!!

Take Mitch McConnell … Republican leader of the Senate … He wants to buy the first pair of “Betsy Ross”/Ku Klux Klan logoed sneakers from the first company to manufacture them, since NIKE refused to continue production of and release of the sneakers for the “4th of July” once being alerted to the fact that “white supremacist” and the Ku Klux Klan have adopted the “thirteen starred flag” depicted in Betsy’s rendition of the “First US Flag”.  McConnell is NOT enlightened … He is an old school fart that couldn’t give two “shirts” about what happens to immigrants or “minority” people (quickly approaching the “majority”) within the shores of the usa …  The ONLY thing he cares about is “representing HIS party’s base” and their “pipe dreams” rather than the dreams of the people who live here and whose land was taken from them and the people who actually spend(t) their lives “building” the country once it was confiscated from the Native Americans!! 

  It’s a simple paradigm … “Do unto others as you would have them do unto YOU”!  Be the best divine self that you can possibly be.  Make the “journey” beautiful … forget about war, conflict, and division.  Embrace ourselves, each other … and our “universe”!


John I. Cook, Director

Be Careful What You “Ask” For!

Happy Friday, All!

I’ve got to do it … just for the “peace” it brings me … T.G.I.F.!  There, it’s done!

Well, things in this “world” are definitely “out of control”.  What’s next?!  G-20 Summit, Democratic Party Primary Debates, almost a declaration of war against Iran, other countries joining sides?!?  The Russians agreed with Iran that the US Drone was in their waters … and if not … why so freaking close?!  Those of “them” who still believe probably the most lying president … in the history of the modern world … might want to check yourselves.  Me, personally, I don’t believe ANYTHING this character says!  Shucks, if you don’t believe me, ask the lady in the picture with Scrump and his then-wife accompanied by the woman who he said he didn’t know AND her husband!  Should we play, “Believe it or not?!?”  We don’t have time for that!!  Global warming is heating up the planet and another infant is found dead with her father as they sought, “the land of free, the home of the brave …”  Okay, if you ask me, the territory known as the USA is probably “haunted” with the spirits of ALL of the people who lost their lives at the hands of “imperialism” …  It’s a sad story in human history!

As a student of history, I have found so many inconsistencies between the inhumane policies from “concentration camps” IN the US of A (do your homework!) and the concept of “white supremacy” … (I get a frog in my throat every time I even THINK that sh@t!)
  I hear the voice of a tv character saying, “There in Charlottesville, there were a lot of good people …”  What show was he watching?!?  Obviously, I don’t have the answers … I barely have my own answers to questions that I have daily.  Yet, as I watched and listened to some of the Democratic candidates these past two days challenge each others’ thought processes and policies, beliefs, hopes and dreams, it still seems that us “humans” are falling short.  Now, I don’t know about you, but we … none of us … may be able to fathom the challenges facing human life form on this planet.  Sometimes, I feel like “segments” of humanity are cursed for abusing the “natural order” of things!  I embrace living in peace with one another, seeking to spread “divine unconditional love” wherever I go.  At this point, I feel that this is my mission …

In my retirement, I have chosen a simple life style.  I don’t want a car to worry about, not to mention a motorcycle!  Shucks, even here in Puerto Viejo, I get “feathers in my belly” when I think about riding a bicycle!!  There have been numerous bicycle accidents, some ending in death while others were maimed.  At the same time, in a small town with NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS, the people still seem to approach driving vehicles with care.  When I left Stateside a couple of years ago continuing my journey, I just wanted to have a better quality of life than I could “give myself” there.  The whole “food/medicine/rent/transportation” vicious cycle that the average retiree faces in the States is NOT something that I choose to spend these years struggling with … I am cool just like this.  Now, I admit, there have been moments when I thought that I might be “getting bored”.  When I sat back, enjoying the comfort of the “universe” and the life I have today, I could only utter “Thank You!”  Yes, you bet, I just want to keep it simple …

Enjoy your day, your weekends as well, and your loved ones …  Be careful what you “ask” for!


John I. Cook, Director

It’s Getting Serious!

Happy Friday … right?!  Well, we’d better say it fast before the “leaders” blow this Earth up!!  I don’t know what this world is coming to, as my parents use to say back in their day!!  Imagine, Mom and Dad …. look at “us” now!!!  T.G.I.F.!!

Well, first of all, I think that the Toronto Raptors from “The North” deserve a huge hand for winning the NBA Championship and staying focused throughout the playoffs!  I still contend that sports help learn to work together as humans, who knows, and may be a way to let out the “stress” often created from the competitive lifestyle inherent in capitalism … out of control!  Now, I don’t know what happened as to why there was a “shooting” during the Championship Celebration there in Toronto …  I didn’t research it because I was too disappointed that some folks took the opportunity to “ruin an otherwise good thing”!  If some of my Toronto friends don’t mind and know the truth, you can write me and tell me wt@ happened!  Darn it!

Now, all of the world’s “rulers”, as we call them, are making alignments for some stupidity that they can’t control from deep within their ignorant souls!  China is now aligned with “Kim and them” and the Russians are putting in some extra time shaking things up in a style that ONLY the Russians can do.  A journalist’s death in Saudi Arabia barely raises an eyebrow on “Scrumps” face!  I mean, this stuff is getting ridiculous.  Iran is throwing in it’s “two cents” as well as are ramping up what appears to be “an invitation to war” with the States’ government.  I remember when Vietnam was the big “war event” back in my day.  I didn’t want to go off to war to defend a bunch of hypocrites and their families as they dressed up nice at all of their social events and … kids were dying in Vietnam …  I joined the “un-battle cry” … “Hell no!  We won’t go!”  I mean, the same government and political representatives that think that “Obama’s election is the way that the government has already paid back descendants of slaves and that “peculiar institution” wanted ME go off to fight in another country for them?!?  What … do they think that ALL of us are stupid?!?  Take your freakin’ suits off, step away from the comfort of your desks, “fake secretaries” and multiple offices … and go fight your own damn wars … and take your prejudice, racism and homophobia with you “mofos”!!

Is it serious enough for you yet?!?  Shucks, it might just be what the humans need … the ultimate “Final Conflict”!  Believe it or not, I don’t want to be around all this “drama” while looking over my shoulder for a “nutcase” who has found something “else” wrong with my ethnicity … which ain’t gonna change!  I refuse to participate in the drama!!  What about youse?!

Have a great weekend, love your loved ones … and …


John I. Cook, Director

Have A Wonderful Day . . . ANYWAY!

Happy Friday, All!

I hope each of your weeks have been decent for each of you personally!  That’s why I always say a hearty “T.G.I.F.” on days like these.  I don’t want to mention the horrifying “news stories” that fill the air waves because I don’t want to feed into it … at ALL! But …

I don’t know if “you know what I’m saying”, but things look pretty “crazy” to use “45’s” word … though he was referring to “The Democrats”.  So, I’m thinking that a hearty “T.G.I.F.” might do ALL of us some good …

World Affairs are full of DRAMA!!  War ships are passing each other so close that Russian naval crew members can be seen “sun bathing”, and a helicopter as well as the US warship BOTH document the obvious intentional “near contact” with each other!!  I could go on but I don’t want to … I’ll check the news channels later … I can’t ….  Tankers apparently are being attacked in the narrow Strait where many many cargo vessels travel to and from a variety of international ports, carrying the “ruling crude oil” to other parts of the world!  For me, all of this “mayhem” is out of control.  I can see why some “rulers” are leaning more towards being dictators because the outlook of the world looks so glum …  These characters are getting “theirs” at the expense of ALL of us!

So, last night I went to a tavern here called “The Point” where the NBA game was being broadcast in English.  For some reason, ESPN Spanish was NOT broadcasting “Game 6” of the “7-game” series on the television that I have at home.  I had invited a couple from Toronto who are great friends for dinner in hopes that we could watch the game with “sushi”, which they brought over, and perhaps some chicken and pasta that I had gotten for the “NBA Festivities”.  Yes, I still love basketball and … now I know why the Romans had their favorite sport held in the Colosseum so that the people would be kept “entertained”!  Perhaps “our own” Little Nero will be “making deals” while the country continues to decline …  Yet, I was indeed entertained by the men of both teams competing in the Championship games!  The game was “neck and neck” right down to the last few seconds.  Both teams were eager to prove “their weight in gold”on a world-wide “stage”!  Toronto won, and, I think that the best team won.  “The Golden State Warriors” have had their share of championship titles and “change” is often good.  Both teams demonstrated incredible sportsmanship as they embraced each other at the end of the game and congratulated each other!

This is another reason that I like sports so much.  Sports teach us the core points that humanity is now missing – cooperation, harmony, reliability and genuine pride for one another.  It was apparent at the end of the game, and, while the game does get physical from time to time, these men kept it professional.  What about you?

Enjoy your day, count our blessings and have a wonderful weekend.  Full Moon on Tuesday!


John I. Cook, Director

What’s Up With “D-Day”?

Happy Friday, All!

Y’all going to join me in this, or what?!  “Just Do It!”  TGIF!  Bam!

So, just a day ago, many of the Western world countries celebrated the 75th Anniversary of “D-Day”, named such as it was when the Allied Forces TOGETHER turned the tide of the War to the Allies … and away from the Nazis!  In essence, those teenagers from France, Canada, the USA and a few other nations threatened by the takeover of the Nazis stormed the beaches of Normandy, France though ill-equipped to fight such a terrible “human war”.  As the “story” goes, thousands of young men lost their lives on those beaches, filled the waters off the coast of France with their blood ….and turned the Nazis away from their goal of taking over the world!  Thank you, All!

I have a personal friend who also fought in World War II.  Coach Blake was just a young man at the time who wanted to serve his country to secure he and his family’s freedoms from Nazism.  He also later became my basketball coach, track and football coach and the athletic director at St. Paul’s School where I received my secondary school education.  Yet, Coach Blake was more than a coach.  He was a man who had seen the horrors of war, who had experienced the discomfort of “racism” in the nation’s military forces, though he was on the other side, and then … reached out his “hand” to assist a group of young “minority students” who came to integrate a formerly all boys “white Anglo-Saxon Episcopalian” boarding school in New Hampshire … Concord to be exact!  He stood up for us when we wanted to wear “red, suede, Converse basketball shoes” for the whole team at SPS … and we got them.  We wore them, and damn near won the League championship until I missed the second foul shot that would have tied the game and sent it into overtime …  Thanks, Man!  I learned so much from your leadership, Sir.

Coach Blake also shared with me his personal story of “The Red Tails”, a unit of Black Airmen forbidden to serve in the nation’s armed forces … because of their skin color.  You probably know the famous story of the “Tuskegee Experiment” that took place at the “all black” Tuskegee Institute where Mrs. Roosevelt, the President’s wife, flew with one of the black pilots and CONFIRMED that “we” could indeed successfully fly an airplane!  These “Airmen” played an important part in “escorting” fighter pilots and bombers to the interior of parts of Western Europe to finally defeat the Nazis and Adolph Hitler, saving the world from an imposed system of Aryan Supremacy …

I won’t comment on “45’s” behavior on “D-Day” because we ALL know it well. This person is a perfect example of how “you can’t buy CLASS” … some people have it, some people want it … and others just don’t give a damn about it! Trust me, whether one has it or not is reflected in their “world” or lifestyle, if you will. I watched a special on CNN last week entitled: “The Trump Family Business”! Omg … no … OMG!! What a horror show!! This character has given himself the title of best business deal maker. Yet, the “story” shows corruption, deceit, lies, theft … out and out criminal behavior associated with everything he touched from “Trump University” to the numerous “Trump Properties” that were foreclosed on in Mexico, Ft. Lauderdale (I saw the abandoned property on The Strip!) and one or two other places around the world … and “The Scrumps” still made MONEY!! Okay, so “others” lost their money investing in their properties while this guy and his family MADE money on the foreclosures. In essence, “the Scrumps” weren’t selling property, they were selling their “name” to developers who paid the family for use of their name in marketing their properties! #noclassfamily

At this point, I will deviate from my “roast” of the aforementioned and continue to praise those youngsters who fought, many died … others lived … including my Coach … Mr. Blake … to save the world from the spread of Nazism.  Blessings to you ALL!

Now THAT’S what’s up!


John I. Cook, Director

It’s Up to the Children … For REAL!

Happy Friday, All!

And uh … do you have enough wind left in your sail to give a T.G.I.F.!?  So … hit it when you’re ready!

Have you seen and heard enough from the current White House to agree that the United States of America is the biggest “reality tv government” in the world … and EVER.  “Starrriiinng Donald J. Trump!”  Oh my!  This man thinks this is a television show in which he can lie and twist the truth, select judges in the Supreme Court who twist the truth even more … shucks, even tell the Navy to cover up or put out of sight a war ship named after a real war hero, John McCain, who “killed his healthcare bill”!!  Now, we’ve been distracted with tariffs, which he also doesn’t understand, as “trade wars” escalate between the States and China as well as with Mexico!  All I hear his spokespersons say is, “He’s playing to his base!”  Well, what about the REST of the American people?!?  This character has put a “new” deadly spin on “playing politics”.  Screw you, people don’t want you to play “games” with their and their children’s and their grandchildren’s lives!  What is he … a dictator of sorts?!?

There is a young girl from I believe Sweden, not sure, who has “Asperger’s Disease” and speaks better than #45!  She makes more sense about climate change than some of the so-called Senators in Congress.  She has actually done some research and gotten audiences in front of some European leaders.  There is also a young boy in the States who has embraced the “Green” concept and has also begun to speak out for HIS generation of humans, explaining the catastrophic effects of global warming!  Does it look like “we” (our generation 50 somethings and up) have dropped the ball and have become so selfish that we don’t even care about our children … or our grandchildren?!?  Methinks so …

As I watched different segments of CNN which covered European elections as well as a plethora of “scrump stories” showing the leader having untruthful meltdown after meltdown, I was in horror.  Damn, at one point, I was looking at his face as he belted out an insult or two at Mr. Mueller and it looked like he was about to have a heart attack!  I’ll take that over impeachment … it takes way less time!  I felt like it was a movie of sorts … like an old “James Bond” flick where everybody is trying to outsmart their counterpart!  I have to laugh each time I see Scrump and Putin, Scrump physically the “larger” person being led by Putin, the ex-director of the Russian intelligence agency – the KGB.  Putin has a smirk on his face like “I got this dummy in the palm of my hand!”  It’s sad to see my grandson’s face …. in the palm of Putin’s hands!  That’s a truly negative image which I detest.  What about you!?!

So, I have been facilitating a group of young ladies at the “home school” setting in Cocles near Puerto Viejo as they learn more Spanish and prepare for the national exam to move to the next level.  The students I have – 4 in total – are at 7th and 8th grade level of studies.  I mean, facilitating them is not “rocket science”.  I know enough Spanish to read the instructions they have in their book and explain the assignment as it covers “parts of speech”, words of comparison and literary terms and concepts.  It is basically “the same” as English but in Spanish!!  Well, as of yet, I don’t have a teacher’s copy of the book like I had been use to in the States.  I prepare what I can for them during class as they EACH have their own book that their parents purchased.  I have another month that I have agreed to work with this group though I did NOT want to be a Spanish teacher!  So, as I have become accustomed to when the universe speaks, I listen and will probably “stop” this assignment and be available for “special events/topics” if they present themselves in the students’ “Civics” class which is taught by the school’s director.  I don’t want to get “bogged down” in other people’s stuff so, I will finish up in July when I plan to take a trip to my home state, New York, to visit my parents grave sites.

Enjoy your weekends, “stay awoke” and train your “young people”, wherever you connect with them, to take charge of their world NOW!

Peace and blessings,

John I. Cook, Director

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